Our Charity


Our Charity

Sight for Wight is the working name of the Island’s oldest charity, the Isle of Wight Society for the Blind. Established in 1895 we exist to support Blind and Partially Sighted Island residents to live Safely, Confidently and Independently.

Our Charity work is funded by donations, legacies and fundraising events. One of those key donations is from our trading arm, Dress for Less.

Just take a moment and imagine shopping on this website for example, not being able to see any images instead relying on a computer voice interpreting photos and reading out the whole screen to you. Not fun and very daunting.

At Sight for Wight, we ask each and every person we support how can we help you as an individual, there is help out there, but we are here to facilitate people getting the right help at the right time.

 With a small core of employees, the valuable support and services offered to visually impaired Islanders by Sight for Wight are only made possible with the generous support of our 114 volunteers who give up their time in many different roles. For more information about our volunteers and volunteering please visit



Dress for Less

We are based at 57 Pyle Street, Newport, (having moved from 114 St James Street last year) and specialises in good quality pre-loved ladies wear all checked for style, condition and quality.

Our clients make an appointment to visit the shop and offer up to six items to be displayed for sale. The items are checked  a price agreed and put out for sale for six weeks. Once sold our client receives 50% of the sales value with the remaining 50% being donated to Dress for Less.

Our customers visit our shop, browse our website and Facebook page to buy these pre-loved items at a fraction of their original retail value.

Annually Dress for Less donates every penny earned to Sight for Wight.

Telephone:  01983 523197

Web: www.dressforless.agency

Email: retail@iwsb.org.uk

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/628784590621048/

Charity website www.sightforwight.org.uk

For those who love fashion and enjoy the traditional values of personal and helpful service, this is a great way of supporting Sight for Wight.